don’t let money control your health

please don’t let money hold you back from being active.  you don’t need an expensive gym membership when you can go for a walk.  you don’t need to pay for fancy equipment, attire, apps, and gadgets.  friends and love don’t … Continue reading

yesterday i saw a b-girl crying, i walked up and asked what’s wrong…

…she told me that the radio’s been playing the same song all day long. that’s what the roots say. you know what i say? there’s 1 in 3 chances that this girl is also obese, so she’s crying because she … Continue reading

i’m gonna make a change, for once in my life

loving yourself empowers you to make better choices, which make for a better life

i blog, for the most part, about food, health, and nutrition. the point of it all is to promote positive behavior change in our eating habits so we can eat well, live well, and achieve great things. this positive change … Continue reading

i’ve been gone for a minute now i’m back, it’s the jump off

Vegan Tuna Sandwich

ok, maybe gone for a minute is an understatement since my last post was over 6 months ago, back in june 2012! i mean, 2012… c’mon! so, i’ll borrow from lil’ kim to make the point that i’m back! at … Continue reading

how i relearned how to eat…and lost more than 8lbs in 15 days

ani's 15 day fat blast cover

i’m obviously not an experienced blogger because i had the perfect opportunity to take you all on a 15 day journey with me as i engaged in the ani phyo 15 day raw food challenge.  i could’ve posted each day, … Continue reading

supa dupa fly

Matcha Shake

the difference between missy elliott and me is that i can stand the rain against my window.  as a matter of fact, i love it.  what else do i love?  superfoods!  granted, i’m just starting to explore these delicious and … Continue reading

top 10 health benefits of drinking water…and more!


Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water – pressed from fat secrets reblogging: The amount of water you consume is extremely important to ones health. Here are the top 10 benefits of drinking water: 1. Weight Loss: Drinking water helps you … Continue reading

8 things to consider for your health & wellness


raw food diets offer many benefits, including to the environment, the local economy, and the consumer.  as far as the latter goes, vitamins and nutrients are not the only strengths of consuming raw food – a healthy glow, general wellness, … Continue reading

ya’ll know who…keepin’ it rawstar

Rawstar restaurant in brooklyn

i actually don’t know, and i wish i did. i could’ve passed out when i walked by rawstar: it was 3pm and i failed to eat breakfast and lunch. to stumble upon a raw food restaurant that, based on the … Continue reading